Used Guard Rail

Used Guide Rail at a fraction of manufacturer cost.

(not painted, regalvanized or straightened)

All materials also available NEW.

  • All 12 gauge galvanized panels (12.5) "W" or ribbon Flexbeam in "Like New" condition
  • All types and sizes of Posts, Galvanized Steel or Wood
  • All Galvanized Steel Hardware, oval-head shoulder bolts with double recessed nuts, post bolts, washers, etc.
  • All Galvanized Steel Ends
    Flared, Wrap Around, Driveway "Turndown", Anchor Assemblies
  • All Galvanized components for Cable, Box-Beam, Thrie Beam, Bridge Railing, etc.
  • All types of rails... 6x6 box beam, 6x8 box beam, some good used 3x5 tube along with 5" round tube:
    corrugated (W=Beam, Armco) as it's sometime called, Thrie Beam, and cable.
  • New and used sign posts and delineators
  • Signs for special parking, stop, yield and so on.

Complete Installation work available with New or Used Guide Rail

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